You have so many pics saved for inspo on your Pinterest board and you're excited to see your names on THAT design! With so many options, we like to make sure we know exactly what your dream designs are before starting to create your templates!


As each client has their own vision, we like to meet face-to-face, or we will email you directly so you can send us all of your inspiration, details and also budget. 


Custom: All of our designs are made 100% for YOU. We will not out-source designs or copy someone else's design. We design all of our templates in-house for each client. 


Once we have discussed your design ideas, we will provide you with a  quote and invoice. Please note that for a qty of 80, the starting price for paper name tags is approximately $220. Foil, white ink and certain paper stocks will increase the price.


*Please allow for a minimum of 6 weeks for menu designs and production, especially if creating a cohesive look with other signage and stationery.

Die cut name discs




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